Sunday, June 17, 2012


More pictures from the beach! These pictures were taken while waiting for the ferry that took us to an aquarium. In a field of flowers, because someone thought that it was a good idea to plant a huge field of flowers next to a ferry. It was, wasn't it?
 Being home after travelling always feels a bit weird to me. But lately I guess most things feel a bit weird to me.
Do you ever talk to someone you haven't seen in years and wonder if they can tell how much you've changed? Whenever I see one of my old highschool friends, I get nervous about how we'll get along, because I know I've changed so much in the 2 years since I've seen them. And they must have changed too, right? But they never seem all that different. Maybe people don't do all that much changing, or revert to the person they once were by talking to old friends. But then again, maybe I never notice their change because I'm too busy paying way more attention to myself.

 dress-made by me
shirt-walmart, cropped by my mom
necklace-made by me
Also here is me surfing.


  1. People are supposed to change after they get out of high school. If they haven't then there is something wrong :) I think you are a fantastic person even if you have changed since high school.

    1. Thanks Lindsay! I bet you still are, too.
      Change is good!