Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wedding Bells (Not Mine)

 I got to attend the wedding of one of my highschool classmates the other day! It's the second wedding of one of my peers I've been to this summer, and now I feel like I'm getting old! Not really, 20 is on the young side for marriage. Maybe people only do that in the south, I don't know. It was a pretty ceremony and it was nice catching up with friends I hadn't talked to in like, 2 years. Which is my own fault, really, for not keeping in touch.
 So this is what I wore! For summer weddings, I think pastels. I mean, I'm no professional, but that sounds about right, right? I made this dress last year. It was my second dress ever! You can kindof tell by the off kilter hem and about a million other things I don't want to point out to you! Just be impressed, I made it out of a curtain, okay!?
 Also check out this hydrangea. Hydrangeas have to be my favorite flower. I kept trying to keep that red lily out of my shots because it was throwing off my color scheme, haha.
 I made this necklace from some beads I found on sale at Hobby Lobby. It was kindof quasi-inspired by an anthropologie necklace and one I saw on etsy.
 Here's Travis's little outfit. Boy do I love his bowtie!
 I'm at the beach now, so there will be some beachy pictures to come! Hope you all are having a nice week!

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