Sunday, June 24, 2012


 Got this vest awhile back and just wore it this week! Because I just altered it to fit me last week.
Also digging how well my nails match a couple of the stones in my necklace. It's Sally Hanson, and this shade also perfectly matches the green chewey Sweetart flavor. No joke.
 Since I have this picture here, I thought this would be a good opportunity to talk (or ramble) about insecurities. I've got a few, as I think most people do, and one of them is my knees! This is a really recent insecurity of mine, which has really emerged due to seeing all these skinny ladies with their skinny legs on the internet. I don't mind my thighs, but for some reason, my knees freak me out! I guess they're not the prettiest body part in general, haha!
I also really hate my forehead. Whenever I forget my curling iron, and my bangs are curly, I have to pin them back. Sometimes people will say I look weird with my bangs back. Once when this happened, I told my class "Hey I'm insecure about my forehead, don't tell me I look weird, please!" and it resulted in the whole class scrutinizing my forehead and saying "Oh, silly Rachel, it's not so bad!" And I was like "Ugh just stop looking at it!"
 Some insecurities, like my forehead, I cover up. But I'm not going to let my knees stop me from wearing shorts and skirts, especially in this Carolina weather! How do you handle your least favorite body parts?
shirt-$4 old navy
vest-$1 goodwill
shorts-old navy
necklace and socks-made by me!
shoes-$4.25 goodwill

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