Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lots of Dots

 So I spent the day hanging out with my identical twin, Bachel! No, actually I am just having a lot of fun editing these photos. These were taken across from Travis's apartment, in a thicket of sorts next to a little stream. I love taking outfit pictures, it gives me an excuse to go exploring. While exploring we found this little kitty!
 He was so pretty, and had the bluest eyes! Travis was really set on rescuing the little guy, and even went out after we took photos to give it some tuna. It's mom showed up though, and hissed at Travis until he left! Lots of wildlife around me this week!
 I loved the lavender on lavender polka dots on this dress, but it didn't fit too well, and I did a pretty botched job of altering it. But I got it super cheap at Goodwill. No regrets!
 Haha I have no idea what was going on here.
 strapless dress-target purple dress, bag, and shoes-goodwill necklaces-flea market hat-hamricks i think belt-delias

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