Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Down By The River

I always love seeing new and interesting photos on other fashion blogs. So this post is jam packed with interesting edits from my recent trip to the river! I'm a big fan of trying different things when it comes to my outfit posts, because that's one of the things fashion blogging is all about, right? Growing and learning!
Some of you may know I'm an illustration major, and I'm no pro at photo-editing, but I thought these were fun enough to share! I have Photoshop Elements 9, and that's what I used for these edits, but most photo editing programs should be able to do what I've done here. In this first picture, I drew some blue dots and then set them to overlay in the layers palette, then adjusted the opacity of the layer they were on.
For something like this, select a shape or shapes and then copy it to a new layer. Then desaturate one of the layers! I also messed with the contrast and upped the saturation on the colored layer, to make it pop more!
I used overlays on this one as well! A light yellow one on top, and a dark blue one on bottom. Draw 2 rectangles on a layer on top of your picture. Set them to overlay, then adjust the opacity til you like it.
This one is so simple to do, but I love the effect you get. Just up the contrast and brightness, and suddenly it's a much more attention-grabbing image.
Here I superimposed a tree picture on top of the water and adjusted the opacity of the top layer. I thought it made it look all cool and reflection-y!
Lastly, I was just messing around with the image orientation. I just think seeing things from a new perspective makes them even more interesting!
To finish off the post, here are some not-so-edited images from the river. Because honestly, it was a pretty enough location to stand on its own!
 We trekked out here in sandals, and I'm surprised we didn't get poison ivy! It was such a pretty day, though, and I loved it as a backdrop for my outfit pictures. The contrast of the telephone wires against this natural setting makes it so interesting, don'tcha think? My photographer is doing some pretty hardcore pattern mixing, huh!
 I got these shorts in the form of a romper at Poppy Pia, and I cut off the top after awhile. So now they are pretty floral shorts! I made the top, and the sandals and teeny bag are from Goodwill.


  1. i love your outfit especially your shorts. I think i must have it too!! :)

  2. Great photos and fab DIY to the shorts!

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