Friday, May 4, 2012

Common Sense

Would you like to hear a story? It involves me being dumb.
So it was my last day of school, and I was so ready to go home. I love home. I got everything packed away and cleaned, and was about to go to my final critique when I couldn't find my keys! I called the restaurant I went to for lunch, I searched my friend's car and my spick n span room, but they were nowhere to be found. I assumed they were locked in my car, and called AAA. Then I ran off to my critique, made my teacher critique me as fast as he could, blurted a "happy summer everyone!" and ran to my car.
AAA unlocked it. My keys weren't in there.
In despair, I turned to retreat into the air conditioned dorm while I waited for my Mom to rescue me, when LO AND BEHOLD they were on the stairs. Just sitting there, on the stairs. Within 30 feet of where I was parked.
I wish I could say this kind of behavior was uncharacteristic of me.

These pictures were taken a few days before that.
shirt-old navy skirt, belt, and bracelet-delias shoes-thrifted necklace-forever 21
woops, someone needs to touch up her nail polish.

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