Sunday, February 1, 2015

Orange Eyes

My camera battery finally got here! I thought it would be too dark for pictures after work, but I guess spring is on it's way! Thank god, I hate the dark. I've been pretty absent from here lately.

Being out of school is very disorienting and confusing. That's what everyone says, and it's really true. You spend all your life with this end goal of graduating and then you don't know what to do. Use your degree to make money? You wish. That being said, I'm not unhappy. Just kind of floating along, because going with the flow is all I feel I can do. But I want to be in control. 

Work is fine, I have friends there and I like clothes and doing social media. So far it has mostly been putting together outfits, taking pictures, and coming up with cheesy captions, and I like those things. I have been trying to expand my illustration shop to include brooches and stickers. What kind of things do you like to buy from artists?

Spring will be here soon to brighten up my world. I'll plant more flowers and we'll move to a cheaper (hopefully brighter) apartment before too long. It's been a mild winter, but I'm ready for change!

Top: Clearance at UO
Jacket: Thrifted, River Island
Skirt: Clearance at AE
Coat: Clearance at Dillards
Shoes: Thrifted from work, Wanted
Necklace: Handmade by me


  1. Oh my, now I'm a bit scared of life outside school. I hope everything will turn out great for me once I'm done with it!

    Life With Antlers

  2. I looove those shoes and that shirt! I got some shoes like that for my birthday but they were too big. :( Your hair's still lookin great, by the way! Whenever you need a bang trim just hit me up. And that is not a passive aggressive way of saying they need trimming haha, they look good!

    Chaos Parade

  3. Post-schooling can be a different time as you identify new goals and work towards them and begin to realize that those goals aren't everything either... I have to remind myself of that sometimes too because I expect life to change at the fast pace it did when I was in school sometimes. Life is in the living though, so it is good just to look around and enjoy the day to day as well :)

    On a sartorial note- you are adorable. Is it odd to say you look like a manga character in this? An adorable and stylish girl!

  4. Such a cute outfit! I LOVE that shirt print!

  5. I love this top!! Love the whole outfit but the top is pretty damn awesome. x