Saturday, February 21, 2015

Art Lately: My Production Rate Slows

I haven't been producing nearly as much work lately. And I thought I was busy in college! I am trying to try new things with my work, like new color palettes, and lining with ink like in the one above, which is called "Coffee Shop Princess."

This last one is called "Home." For awhile there I wanted to make every piece about something, trying out being conceptual with my work. This one is about looking back, missing your home. The plants are all from the house I grey up in.

But then I decided that there's no shame in painting something just for the sake of a pretty picture, either.


  1. I do like the art you have produced though, even if you feel it is not at your optimal rate of output :)

  2. These are really gorgeous, bold and delicate at the same time.

  3. I LOVE the home one. The idea behind it is beautiful, and I thought it was really sweet that you used plants from the house you grew up in. That was awesome. That and something about the whole bra and back tattoo thing really appeals to me. Even if you're not producing as much as you're used to, you're still creating special pieces :)

    Seriously though, I can't get over that home one. Really awesome.

    xo marlen
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  4. love your art update posts :)

    you are so talented and detailed love the lines on coffee shop girl and the one with the rug is awesome too :)
    the home one with the plants and hanger print and house tatoo are awesome
    and i love the floral print background girl !!! :)

  5. Beautiful pieces as always ♥

    Your work is becoming more colorful and detailed!

  6. I love the house tattoo! It looks great and I love the emotion in it <3
    The coulour scheme in the one with the pink haired girl is so romantic too!