Saturday, August 18, 2012

Work Attire

 Here is a good example of what I wear to work.
When I first got hired at American Eagle, I was worried about my unconventional way of dressing. Sure, around college or the internet, you find plenty of girlies in high waisted shorts and peter pan collars, but American Eagle sells things that are a little more mainstream than all that. But I've gotten so many compliments on my "style" from customers and employees alike that it's been really encouraging. It's nice to be appreciated for just being yourself and not worrying about what others think.
The moral is: dress in the way that makes YOU feel good!
shorts, shoes, watch-thrifted from goodwill
earrings-flea market
headband-my sister's
necklace-my oma's (vintage)
 I have a pretty tiny head, and I have the hardest time getting headbands and scarves to stay in place! They just pop right off!
 Have a good day!


  1. Way cute :) It's funny how more and more "blogosphere" stuff is definitely filtering into mainstream wear I think - just one look at F21 sometimes makes me laugh at how internet/asian fashion influenced some of it's pieces are.

    1. Thanks!
      I can't wait til places start selling high-waisted jeans. I love the way they look.

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  3. That shirt is so cute! I have to get one! I like the way that the pattern in the material goes against the shorts.
    xoxo anna

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  5. Hi Rachel , you looks so feminine with this outfit I really like you shirt, and how you wear the shoes with the socks :)

  6. Love the scalloped details on the top! You look adorable! Happy Monday to you! :)
    xo Hannah

    1. Thankyou! They're my favorite part, too. Hope your Monday was also happy!

  7. cute!!!! YOu've got a lovely style Rachel :)

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