Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hey Check Out My Tights!

 Aren't my tights cool? Why yes, I think so too!
I wore this to see ParaNorman with my sister at a secret hidden movie theater that was bascially deserted. It was really good, go see it!
 Here is a pinecone.
I feel like a lame-o because when I got my camera I was all "THINK OF ALL THE DIYs I CAN DOCUMENT" and now that I'm at school away from my sewing machine I'm pretty DIY-less. I'll try and think of something I can do to shake up the monotony on here of outfit post after outfit post.
 In other news, I got my first hate-mail on the internet yesterday. It totally hurt my feelings, so whoever you are, I hope you feel at least a little bit bad about it! 
Here is me with half-closed eyes:
 Shirt and tights: target
socks: walmart
shoes: kohls
necklace: diy by me
bag, shorts, headscarf: Goodwill, Miracle Hill


  1. Hi your tights are fab!! I really like them and your shoes are fantastic !!!
    Clo :)