Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back to School School Again!

 There is something about this straw hat and some red lipstick that just makes every outfit better!
I spent today moving back into school. I'm really excited for this year, yes yes I am. I'll be taking some interesting illustration classes, and I'm hoping they'll spur me right out of my art slump.
 Have you guys started back to school yet? Or are you all past those days? I'm just ready for fall and tights so I don't have to shave my legs.
What? Huh?
Oh and I don't have to work while I'm at school. And that is always a plus. School trumps work anyday!
So, this skirt used to be a dress! How about that! It was kinda long and had big ol' poofy sleeves.
shirt-forever 21
skirt, shoes, hat- thrifted from goodwill
bow on hat- handmade
pinecone pendant-flea market


  1. Wow the newly altered skirt looks SO GOOD. Love revamping the longer dresses! I need to get me a straw hat to wear (with everything) in the fall! I have a fedora type one and a wider brim one, but want a smaller little straw boater hat!

    Anyway, also loving the light blue shoes with the other neutral colors, the perfect touch of color! Good luck with the start of school, I miss those days and wish I was starting a new semester- school totally trumps work, enjoy it!
    xo Hannah

    1. Thanks!
      I really want some colored straw hats, but I haven't had any luck recently.
      I love school. I really miss elementary school when it was exciting to get binders and crayons. Also, recess. Kids have it good.


  2. Your hat is very lovely and all the outfit is so cute :)) I really like your shoes :)

  3. Woah, that skirt was a DRESS? It looks fantastic! Your comment about tights totally reflects my thoughts this past week, I'm totally over shaving my legs.

    1. Thanks!
      I am probably a little too slack with the whole shaved legs thing haha. But who's looking that close anyway!