Friday, September 26, 2014

Up Pretty Early

Hello everyone!

Right now I am up earlier than I would ever have used to be voluntarily. It seems now that I'm out of school I don't sleep in past 9 even when I can! Pip is playing pretty vigorously with the cord that is charging my laptop, which is better than him attacking my feet. I am very excited because my manager gave me Saturday (the most hellish of work days) off this week, and I'm going home for a couple days! When I come back I'll set up my little art show in a local cafe that's going to let me display my work. (Cool Beans/College Grounds if you're in the Columbia area!)

I am trying very hard to get used to a lot of things, the most immediate of which is the trackball mouse Travis lent me. The keypad on my laptop has stopped working.

I also have started watching One Piece (its a shonen anime with like 700 episodes and counting) so that will hopefully keep me busy for awhile. Recently I finished Black Butler, which wasn't very good, but I watched the whole thing anyway, and I'm almost done with Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun, which I highly recommend. Most of it's on hulu for free! Also working on Utena, but Travis never wants to watch it so I'm getting impatient with him.

I am very into mixing patterns lately, but I kind of have always been!

Travis is still waiting to hear back from a job, so fingers crossed! It's kind of funny that here we are, two college graduates thousands of dollars in debt, just working retail and hoping for minimum wage jobs waiting tables. The only reason I can morbidly laugh at this is because I am very lucky to have a family that will not let me starve. I'm a very lucky girl.

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Shirt: Thrifted from work
Dress: Vintage, bought in Italy
Shoes: UO
Socks: Thrifted from Miracle Hill


  1. I too am very lucky I have a family that won't let me starve. My boyfriend got a second interview with an engineering firm in Chicago so fingers crossed. That means I have to step up my game and convince somebody there to hire me! The job market sucks. I feel your pain. Hooray for having Saturday off though!

    Also you look adorable here. I love all these prints mixed together. Your socks are super cute too!

    Jamie |

  2. The first few months out of college are so hard in that respect of needing to job hunt and having to do so in such a hard economy where most entry level jobs are not "internships." My fingers are crossed for Travis and for the both of you in finding those career starting jobs too <3!

    You look adorable. One can not go wrong in a striped shirt ;)

  3. I love your print mixing here- including the socks! I don't even know how to sleep in anymore and I never thought that day would come :)

  4. Congrats on getting your work displayed in the coffee shop! So exciting and deserved :) Loving this outfit! You print mix like a pro.

  5. It took me such a long time to find a job that wasn't minimum wage, but I finally found one. It takes time, but stick with it. Everything works out in the end! Also, I love your lipstick! Ah!