Friday, September 5, 2014

Granny Shoes

Our neighbor has kittens!
We really want one but I'm worried that it'll cost too much and that it won't get along with Kit when I bring him down. Plus Travis wants to name it Goku, so there are a few good reasons not to. But, kittens! I want to give one a good home. The guy doesn't seem like a very responsible pet owner. We gave him a box for the cats and he dropped it! A box full of kittens! It was like a horror movie!

Do ya'll like my granny shoes? They're, like, orthopedic. Haha. But I think they're cute in an ugly sort of way! I got the beaded cardigan from the thrift store and was all like "Woah look at this it must be hand beaded from like the 20s so vintage omg!" But then I found a tag. It's from TopShop. It's also like 8 pounds or something.
My crop top is from Megan, I traded it for art. She's a super sweet lady, check her out!

I had a really wonderful weekend, but now I'm back to work! I'm always just looking forward to getting home and painting, really.

Top: Kiddo TV
Shorts: American Apparel
Cardigan: Topshop, thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted
Pin: Modern Girl Blitz
Necklace: Forever 21


  1. cute pin! nice outfit!
    tasha xx

  2. I actually so like those ortho-kicks ;)
    The crop top from Megan is darling and I wouldve totally thought the Cardigan was vintage too!
    The dropping of the kitten box made my heart hurt though, UGH!

  3. I looove ugly-cute! You're rocking these.

  4. WHO DROPS KITTENS?! alksajfdlaskj. But yay, more lello! I really like the shoes actually haha

  5. Ah that cardi is such a great find! Love the pin too. Hope you get a kitten! I am waiting til winter to get one :) thanks again for the trade, anyway!


  6. Loving this outfit- relaxed yet pulled together, a bit retro without getting costumey at all. Also- the shoes remind me of Birkins which seem very in right now!

  7. love the beaded cardigan that's awesome that you found it at a thrift store :)