Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Wishlist

Hey guys! I know I've been a little dead around here. Things that have been going on:
1. I finished my exams and hung my first gallery show!
2. I dyed my hair a peachy pink.
3. It's been rainy.
4. Watched through Neon Genesis Evangelion with Trav.
5. I've been relaxing and enjoying my break with Travis before he heads to Italy for 3 weeks!
6. Here's some things I hope I'll be receiving for Christmas:

I also bought myself one of these totes:
PRE-ORDER ~ One-colour screen printed 'trouble existing' tote bag
So excited to be supporting an artist I love!


  1. Aaaah I saw your new hair on your instagram! It looks so cute and really suits you! What'd you think of Evangelion? It's up there in my top ten favourite anime series. Aaaand your wish list has all the cutest and nicest things :)

  2. Rachel! It has been way too long! So, I just went on to browse the new arrivals on the site OASAP and was like OMG that cat print looks REALLY familiar because I always loved the one in your Etsy shop. So I went to your Etsy shop to compare the two and its DEFINITELY yours! So sorry for the caps, I don't know if I should be really excited/ you gave them the design which is awesome, or if they just took it. Here is the link to the sweater below (which your design looks SO freaking cute on, I just hope they didnt steal it!) You should totally send me an email and let me know b/c I'm thinking of buying it but won't if they stole :)

    1. OMG Thankyou Hannah! I definintely did NOT give them permission to use it.

  3. Ooooh, I love Lize Meddings's stuff! That bag is amazing! <3

  4. Those socks are adorable!

    Kalie H.