Sunday, April 19, 2015

rip aloe

I killed my aloe. rip aloe. You could ask how I killed a succulent, and I think it was over watering! The poor baby started to rot :'( My other plants are doing really well, though! And Pip hasn't been digging them up! <3

This week I covered a shift and am working 8 days in a row, but on the bright side I get to see some friends on Thursday, and get to tell myself I'm a really good person for covering a coworker's shift.

God I love clogs. I've been itchin to get another pair of Hasbeens but it'll be a challenge to drop that kind of $$$!

Top: Loft, thrifted from work
Skirt: American Eagle
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens
Necklace: Lucky, thrifted from work


  1. You're so cute!
    Your house looks adorable too.

  2. I'm guilty of overwatering my aloe too! I mean, what can't all plants have the same needs?!
    Loving your look, especially the Hasbeens (dream shoes) with polka dot socks!

  3. I kill succulents as well. Not sure if it is overwatering on my part. Might be lack of sun or something....

    I like the details of the T-shirt.

  4. Loving the Hasbeens and outfit!! I want to get my first succulents but I'm sure I would kill em! haha

  5. LOVE that shoe sock combo! so cute <3

  6. Could this outfit be any more adorable! :)

  7. OMG! I need some Swedish Hasbeens too! I love the grey on black look you've got going on here. I'm more into this kinda vibe as well. Love the new look of your bloggy too... the background is quite cheerful and amusing!