Thursday, April 30, 2015

Among my Plants

Hello friends! These are less pictures of my outfit and more pictures of me posing with my plants, which I am very proud of. There is something very special about planting and growing things, getting dirt under your fingernails, that I was missing out on until this point in my life.

Today was a beautiful day and I had it off, so I bought a lot of pink things for the apartment and then got some donuts. I love my days off. <3

Top: Free People, via resale
Shorts: Vintage Ralph Laruen, thrifted
Shoes: Bernie Mev, via resale
Necklaces: Forever 21 and Kate Spade
Sunglasses: Aldo


  1. Great shirt and necklace (also, I've a black thumb, so am super impressed by all your plants!)

  2. Love your look and blog <3 you are gorgeous!