Tuesday, October 28, 2014

High Low

I've been so slack. I miss posting with any semblance of regularity, but. It is what it is. Now that I rarely have time to photograph my outfits, I feel really pressured to pick out a good one on the days that I have camera time. It makes blogging stressful, and I'm not here for that.

-I went home last weekend and that was nice.
-I'm going to be a space alien for Halloween.
-My boyfriend and I are going to pick out a duvet cover today.
-I'm a contributor for Sammi's huge giveaway, go enter!

Dress: BB Dakota, via Clothes Mentor
Shoes: Dolce Vita, via UO
Shirt: At Last, via Clothes Mentor
Brooch: Handmade, via Indie Craft Parade
Lipstick: Urban Decay Super Saturated


  1. An alien Halloween costume sounds pretty awesome. I expect to see pictures!
    Also this outfit is adorable. I still enjoy high-low hems and the white blouse is super cute layered underneath this dress. Great shoes too!

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

  2. Well, you picked out a good outfit to share and I'm happy to see you "back" in blog land though you're right. It should't be stressful!

    PS Fun shoes!

  3. What a pretty outfit! You look great in that blue :D You must share pictures of your costume.. sounds awesome!!

  4. oh my god. it feels like every outfit you post is my new fave on you, but i think it's forreal this time. this one is def a fave!