Saturday, August 30, 2014


So, this dress came into my work. Brand new, with tags, still on the freakin' Modcloth website. We were selling it for $22. I was like "holy shit that's an Emily and Fin I need to own it," obviously. Only problem is it's a size XS, and well, I'm a pretty solid M. But I squeezed my butt into this beauty, and look at me now! It's a little hard to breathe deeply, but this is a price I am willing to pay. I can't believe my luck!!

I'm happy to be visiting home right now. You know what they say about absence, it makes the heart grow fonder. My Mom took me thrifting and I got a ton of wonderful goodies! Lots of pots and some pillows and some grandma-shoes. And I got to hug my cat again! Work was really busy this week, and I think I deserve this 4 day weekend I'm having. I literally slept for 15 hours on Friday. And then I took a nap.

Oh and check it out! I have a Fossil bag! I do love my work because it means I can afford things like this, and I'm recycling clothing, too! This pretty baby cost me like $12. It's the first time in years I've carried something that's not brown.

Dress: Thrifted, Emily and Fin
Pin: Kate Rowland
Shoes: UO
Bag: Thrifted, Fossil


  1. Okay, this dress definitely doesn't look like an xs. It looks like it fits you perfectly! I love your hair this color.

  2. I literally adore this dress, I think my favourite version is the red and white check one, but the purple one comes a close second! Sometimes they sell them on Asos - I don't know if it works out any cheaper but I don't have to pay a ridiculous amount of import tax to get it to England!


  3. That dress looks so perfect on you :) Love the color.

  4. I love the color combos of this - the purple and blue look so cute together!

  5. Wow- how lucky that came in and you snapped it up!

  6. Haha, I have a ton of brown bags too! Again, awesome thrifted finds - I think I want to bring you with me next time, so have such luck! And that feminist pin is the cutest thing I ever did see!

  7. Ooh how lucky! That dress is so lovely on you and that fossil bag is in the best color!!

  8. Holy moly what a find...and it fits you perfectly! Visits home are the best - always so comforting and fully of yummy food :-)