Monday, February 20, 2012

Make A Vase!

My boyfriend's and my anniversary was this past week, so I made him a vase. Because what straight guy doesn't love home decor!
The answer is: There are none.
Here's how I did it!

First you'll need a plain ol' vase. I used this one, from hobby lobby, because it was the cheapest!
Then, paper mache it up using strips of paper and some watered down glue. Cut the strips into pieces about 2" by .5", and mix 1 part glue with 1 part water. You can take it from there!
After you let it dry, paint it white. Then paint a neat pattern on it!
Use acrylic paint in any color you want.
Here's the pattern I used:

Don't use watercolor paint like I did, because it's likely to smear.
After you get the pattern on, let it dry. Then spray it with a clear coat of spray paint, or use another sealant.
Here's the finished product!



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