Thursday, February 2, 2012

I made a blog!

I am Rachel, and I'm an Illustration student.
I also do a lot of things with fabric, glue, paper, and watercolors, and I like cats a lot.
The reason for my girlish blog title will soon be no surprise, because I draw an overwhelming amount of cute couples, pretty dresses, patterns, water, floral prints, and kissing. I think I could make anything look inappropriately cute. Like a virus or a maggot. Or something.

I made this blog to hopefully join the ranks of talented crafters online, and because this site seems a little more original-content-friendly than tumblr. And by a little more I mean a lot more.

I plan on posting my art and process work, crafts, jewelry, sewing projects, "what I wore"s, and some charming anecdotes from my charming life.

And away I goooooooooo!

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