Friday, June 19, 2015

Being Green

I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago, but now we are in the triple digits of summer! And there's no way my hair looks this good atm.
So what's new? We've found an apartment, and it is small and has a garden window. We got the lowest security deposit - last year we had 0 credit and had to pay a full month of rent - and Trav got a second job! I'm crossing my fingers that my days of playing sole bread winner are over. I can't wait to move out, even if it means spending a day hauling furniture in 103 degree heat.

Most of my time spent at home is painting and watching TV. I am a champion at it, and I am at a loss for shows. I won't run out of SVU episodes anytime soon, but I'd love some recommendations (esp anime recs) to break up the crime shows. From my end, I watched 3 animes in the past weeks. 

Deadman Wonderland (on Netflix): Set in the near future, and about a kid who has been falsely accused of murder. He gets sent to the distopian society's theme park where criminals basically entertain the public and try to survive. He can use his blood as a weapon, and spends most of the series underground, fighting other people who can too. Really pretty but too reminiscent of 2007 era emo rock, and the storyline is not too solid. 4/10.
Gargantia (on Netflix): A young space soldier (from the war against giant squids) lands on Earth in his mech. He learns about humanity/compassion/emotions through the humans still on the "verduous planet," most notably through his cute love interest. Really pretty animation. Had a nice ending, but I wasn't crazy about the characters. 6/10
K(on Netflix): Kind of a whodunnit story, told through the pov of a sweetheart of a school kid that finds out most of his memories aren't real. Is he the murderer they're looking for? He gets entangled in this world of kings and clans, and they all use magic and swords. Beautiful animation! Suspenseful + good characters. I would rate it higher if it weren't for the problematic cat-girl. 8/10

I've been wanting a green dress for ages.


  1. I love your glasses! Also, I don't really watch anime, but I did watch Attack on Titan which was one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen!

  2. I just started to watch Princess Jellyfish, and I like the first episode. Sadly, I haven't watched more of it since my husband usually it too tired to read subtitles on weeknights, and it is a comedy so the subtitiles move FAST. It is pretty funny.

    I remember also loving Abenobashi Shopping Arcade, and I think it is available on Hulu. That is kind-of like a surreal fantasy action, like a teenage Spirited Away in TV show format?

  3. Green looks amazing on you! :) Ugh, triple digits does NOT sound pleasant. :\

  4. Cute little dress! Do you ever watch Japanese or Korean shows that aren't anime? I think you might enjoy Aarang and the Magistrate if so. I also liked My Girlfriend is a Guhimo and Coffee Prince, but those are both romantic-comedy types a bit more.

    1. I haven't tried any! I've considered trying k dramas tho, thanks for the rec!