Monday, December 22, 2014

Slow Warm Winter

 Long time no see, huh, guys? I'm pretty bummed about the amount of posting I've been doing. I've been wearing tons of cute outfits, but they go undocumented because when I get home from work it's dark already. And I get sad light in this house to begin with. But here's one from yesterday.

I've been spending my days at work, where it's been slow because no one wants to buy used clothes as Christmas presents. It's been a very warm December in the Midlands, with the cooler days being in the high 50s, so I've been forgoing the usual winter tights all month. And I've been watching a lot of Inuyasha. lol. Everyone in middle school loved that show (idk if you knew those nerds who drew wolves all the time) but it's actually a really good show? ?

Let's wrap it up with a picture of my kitty, who is actually a model. What a qt.

Dress: Noelle, thrifted from work
Shirt: Loft, thrifted from work
Shoes: Asos
Socks: OVS ??
Necklace: Starlight Deco Dreams on Etsy
(anyone recognize it? it's from Madoka!!)

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  1. I work at at a thrift shop and we were decently busy the first couple of weeks of the month, but we're closed for two weeks starting this week because it's likely no one wants to spend their money on secondhand goods this time of year.