Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Art Lately

Sailor Mars: My second favorite sailor scout.
Bored Mermaids: I sometimes wish I was a mermaid so my life would be beautiful, but then I try to remember that even mermaids have bad days.
 Alone Time: About being one with the universe and all that.
Springtime: About personal growth.

Room: I have a new-found love for painting in all black and white. This one is an experiment, I plan to change the colors in photoshop and compare it to a watercolor version!

As always, follow my tumblr for more frequent art updates, my instagram for works in progress, and check out my shop to commission your very own piece!


  1. I always love seeing your work. So... who's your favorite scout?

  2. OH MY GOD! Sailor Mars! She has always been the coolest and the most badass, in my humble opinion :) Great illustrations, girl! xx

  3. Damn it, I love your drawings! Lol, the armpit hair addition to the mermaid is priceless! :D
    My favorite drawing is the "Alone Time" I can relate! :D

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  5. Love the detail of your work! The bored mermaids are so fun! Love the black & white just gorgeous!

  6. Love all of your new work! Especially sailor mars and the bit of extra flesh on the blonde mermaids lol :)


  7. I love the mermaids and the bubbles in the bathtub. Obsessed.