Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pink Lady

Its outfits like these that really make me miss my pink hair!

This is the dress I got in Rome. I definitely wouldn't have spent as much as I did on it, but when in Rome... you impulse buy. Also it's a London based brand lol. It also needs altering, but I'm not going to feel guilty about it, and I completely intend to spend the rest of my Italy budget on clothes (I'm going to Milan next week, omg)!

Travis has been teaching me how to better use my camera over this trip, and the beautiful scenery at his family's house lead to me getting carried away with outfit shots today, you'll have to forgive me!

I went thrifting today at what they call "mercantinos" here in Italy, and this jacket was the only thing I bought (other than a cappucino or two)! Travis normally hates going to Goodwill with me, but today he got a classical guitar, a pipe, a calligraphy set, and a fancy notebook all for 40 euros, so color me jealous (I mean pink lolol). They're less like Goodwill and more like an antique shop mixed with a more curated thrift store here, so he has more to look at than just clothes.

I am a little homesick, but man I never want to leave here!

Dress: Shikha London
Jacket, Hat: Thrifted
Shoes: Gift from Travis' Mom, Thrifted


  1. You look gorgeous! I love that shade of pink on you and I love the pattern. I'm so jealous that you're in Italy! I bet it's amazing to see what they have in their thrift and vintage stores! I've always wondered if it's any different from America.

  2. You look so lovely in this and I like that hat. Glad Rome was good :D

  3. the scenery really is amazing. i bet you could spend all summer reading and drawing outside there! although of course i can relate to getting a bit home sick after a while. the dress look perfect on you too and the little markets sound like ones they have in spain - always great finds!

  4. such a cute outfit! I love it :)

  5. That dress is soooo lovely! I love the pattern. I've said it before, but it's really fun following along with your trip :)

  6. I love these photos!! I always trying with my camera... When I have all the time I'm ok, but if I have to rush then my photos usually suck.

    That dress is lovely!

  7. You look SO pretty! Love this shade of pink with your lippy, & you look like a native/like you belong there to me! :)


  8. Such beautiful scenery and photos! Love love love the dress ♥ It's pretty awesome he was able to get that many things. It seems more fun to thrift away from home.