Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Things That Are Cool

So I don't really do enough browsing the internet for cool things because I'm much too focused on me me me. I don't know if this will become a very regular feature, but I wanted to show off to you guys a few things around the web that I liked lately! Earn me some digital karma, yknow?
1. Dog Pants on The Year of Slow Fashion
It's so cool that my cat pants have inspired some crafty ladies! I think Rachel's doggy version turned out incredible.
2.The Adventures of Mo by Messages on a Napkin
I love Marlen's writing, she cracks me up on the daily. You should def check out her writing tumblr.
3. The Hiding Tree

These designs, and like, the art direction blow my mind.
4. A 1000 Daisies

Her illustration inspires the hell outta me, and she sells some really great merch.
5. The Fear Girls

A feminist blog featuring articles by several contributing writers. They are very cool.


  1. I like to seewhat others find on the net!

  2. These are all awesome! Have been loving Marlen's tumblr and at first I thought those were your kitty shorts, how cool that you were the inspiration behind hers!